dinsdag 14 september 2010


Last saturday I watched the new movie "Machete", a production by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. With Danny Trejo as Machete, his first lead role. Which was a reason why I oved the movie already without even seeing it. Because Danny Trejo is always a good 'bad guy'. 

What the movie is about:
The story revolves around an immigrant, Machete (Danny Trejo), a former Mexican Federale turned renegade. After a shakedown with a druglord (Steven Seagal), Machete roams Texas looking to do yard work in exchange for money. Michael Booth (Jeff Fahey), a local businessman and spin doctor, explains to Machete that the corrupt Senator McLaughlin (Robert De Niro) is sending hundreds of illegals out of the country. In order to stop this, Booth offers Machete $150,000 to kill McLaughlin. Machete accepts the murder contract. As Machete attempts to assassinate McLaughlin during a rally, he is double-crossedfalse flag operation to gain public support for McLaughlin's harsh anti-illegal-immigration laws. By setting up Machete as the patsy, the conspirators make it appear that an outlaw illegal Mexican immigrant has tried to assassinate the senator. and one of Booth's henchmen shoots him.
An injured Machete is taken to a hospital to be treated for wounds, and escapes from Booth's henchmen sent to kill him. Agent Santana Rivera (Jessica Alba), a persistent U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, is sent by her superior to go find and capture the injured Machete. Machete, with the help of Shé (Michelle Rodriguez) recruits Padre (Cheech Marin), Machete's "holy" brother. To take revenge on Booth, Machete kidnaps Booth's wife and his daughter, April (Lindsay Lohan), who has a penchant for drugs and exposing herself on the Internet. After encountering Machete, Santana begins to develop an interest in him. Machete rallies a group of illegal immigrants together, and begins to hunt the people who double crossed him.

In my opinion, the movie was marvellous! I liked the effects they used. Danny Trejo played a very well role  as Machete. The movie includes alot of action, some nudes, gore and humour. It was an easy to follow movie, which I like. Right to the chase. The way I like my action, because normally I'm not an action fan at all. But movies like these are lovely to watch. I really enjoyed it, and so did the crowd at the cinema.

I would love to see more Danny Trejo as a lead ^^

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  1. Cool! Ik wil hem eigenlijk ook wel zien! :3

  2. This sounds like a 21st Century take on those old action movies. Me likes but not enough to go watch it in the cinema. I'll probably buy the DVD;P

    Also- whooohooo!! Steven Seagal!