dinsdag 22 maart 2011

So, today is...

...my birthday!
I turned 23 years today, and it feels so weird. I have to get used to it.
My mother and younger brother payed me a visit, which was nice, because it felt such a long time since I saw them.

Here are my presents, also some presents I got from some lovely girls at the OTT meet-up.

From the girls:
Chocolate, necklace, brooche, perfume, cupcake soap, card and cherries
Close-up necklace
Hello Kitty!!

And, my Aatp Beauty and the Rose Promise skirt arrived today!
I will show more photo's of this skirt later.
♥ Beauty and the Rose Promise
I had such a wonderfull day today. Relaxing in the warm sun.
Plus my boyfriend passed his driving exams, so it's now waiting for his official driving license!

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