zondag 3 april 2011

Flowers and Vampires

Last friday I recieved a new parcel, with a dress and skirt.
So yesterday I decided to wear my new dress, and today I'm wearing the new skirt.

Yesterday I had a picknick with some lovely and sweet girls.
So I wanted to wear my new dress, because I think it gives a bit of a summer look, which was perfect, because the weather was lovely and warm.
I also posted this look on my lookbook.

And today I really wanted to wear the new skirt. Aatp Vampire Reqiuem.
I think it has a gorgeos  print, I really wanted to own it when it came out, but didn't had the money at the time. So when I saw one for sale for a good price, I instantly bought it.
 Please don't mind my face, I didn't felt very well to put on some make-up, and to wear a wig.
Now all I need is a black parasol, and a suitable black wig.

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