dinsdag 26 april 2011

Last weekend...

...I visited my grandma with my boyfriend and stayed the whole weekend.
We had a lovely time, and on saturday we had a barbeque. And it was so yummy!
also visited some shops there, but didn't bought something fancy, just a tattoo magazine.

The next day my boyfriend and I had a nice walk in the forest near her house. There were alot of people there. Some were picknicking there, which was perfect with such a lovely weather. But I thought it was too hot! Afterwards we hang around and played some games with my grandma. And afer that we had a delicious rice meal. I love rice~♥

My outfit
In her garden
In the forest
 I also noticed that I lost a follower Dx Well..better luck next time I suppose!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. schattige jurk c:
    oh, die omgeving ziet er zo mooi uit ovo lijkt me heerlijk!

  2. Je ziet er leuk uit!^^
    En yay, mede rijst liefhebber<3

  3. die jurk staat je leuk :D

    jouw haar groeit ook als kool he? xD wat gebruik je, haar pokon? :P

    fijn om te lezen dat je een leuk weekend hebt gehad :D

  4. @Neo: De omgeving helpt je te ontspannen ^^
    @Josine: Als Indo kan ik niet anders ♥~Mmm rijst!
    @Rooz: I wish! Dan was het nu wat langer, maar het groeit wel aardig snel ^^
    @Luna: Dank je wel!

  5. aah.. die jurk ^^
    Als je 't ooit verkoopt... sell it to me :D plix