dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Another wig...

...in my possession! 
I think I now have approx. 7 wigs! 
I ordered this wig from Chocolat, on LJ.
She regularly host a GO there, with amazing wigs.

It went pretty fast. 
I could pay very fast, and I used bank transfer, as we live in the same country.

It got shipped after two weeks, when the wigs arrived at her place.
I think this is pretty fast, for a GO with several wigs.
It was packed very well.
In a small box, and the wig came in a plastic bag, as always.
It also included a wigcap!

The quality of the wig is very good actually.
It feels and looks incredibly soft ♥
And it's luckily not a shiny wig, which makes the wig look more realistic.
The curls are beautifull, and so is the color. And it's just like I expected it to be.
My photo's don't do justice for the wig. It looks even better in real life!

The price is right, it's not so expensive for what you get.
The wig is in excellent condition, great quality.
I had to pay €40,80 for the wig, and shipping in total.

My silly sweather, hihi ♥
I would definitely buy again from Chocolate.
Such good service, and good communication.
I can't wait to try the wig on!
And then I will post a photo of it, how it looks like worn.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. De pruik ziet er heel mooi uit. En ik ben nu vooral benieuwd naar de 'aan'-foto met de pruik! :D

  2. Dank je!
    Aanfoto volgt snel, want ik heb hem nu op ^^