dinsdag 21 juni 2011


Yesterday it was our anniversary, my boyfriend and I are together for 4,5 years now.
Last weekend, on saturday, we decided to go visit a city which we haven't seen for a while.
My boyfriend wanted to go to Nijmegen. It's a beautiful city ^^ But I didn't made alot of photo's because it was such strange weather. I only have a few to show, but nothing spectaculair.

We went to some shops, and later on we walked beside the water. 
We decided to take a rest here.
It was very windy up there. 
I didn't worn lolita, because of the rain, and I don't want my prints to bleed.

Together~ So much wind!

Nijmegen really is a beautiful city. It has a lovely church.
And we were lucky, because someone played on the big organ! It sounded enchanting ^^
I haven't made pictures of the church unfortunantly, maybe next time!
It was his first time visiting this church, but I have already been there, during a 'All gothic lolita' meeting, back in 2009.

Here you can see the top of the tower of the church.

Top of the church
When we were going home the weather went really bad.
Alot of rain and wind!
I made this photo because there was a rainbow, but you can't really see it on this photo. Too bad!

Almost home!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Die foto van jullie samen is erg leuk! :D
    En nogmaals gefeliciteerd met jullie 4,5 jaar samen!

  2. Congratulations!:D
    En wat een mooie kerktoren!

  3. Gefeliciteerd!
    Nijmegen is een erg mooie stad vind ik,
    ik kom er altijd graag. ^^
    De kerk daar is inderdaad heel erg mooi!

  4. gefeliciteerd :D!
    Het klinkt als een super leuke dag!

  5. wat een leuke manier om jullie samen zijn te vieren ^^ jammer van het rare weer, maar jullie hebben zo te zien wel genoten ^^

  6. Dank jullie wel!
    We hebben het niet echt gevierd eigenlijk, dat gaan we waarschijnlijk wel doen als we 5 jaar samen zijn. ^^ Dit was gewoon een leuk uitstapje ♥