dinsdag 28 juni 2011

First dress is special

Remember when you first started wearing lolita?
I was just looking at some old photo's of mine, when I came across some nice old ones. 
Photo's of me wearing lolita, when I just started.
Before I started to wear lolita, I used tow ear alternative clothing, and gothic clothing.
Then, I made a slow switch to somewhat more 'normal' clothing, when I started a new study.
After that I wore lolita occasionaly.

I can't believe my first lolita item wasn't gothic!
It's more classic I believe..I wasn't used to wear dresses or skirts.
I always wore pants..And I can see how uncomfortable I look in some photo's while wearing my first lolita outfit. It's a bit painful to look at in my opinion. I did it so wrong!
I had no idea how to act with this kind of clothing, not knowing how to pose properly for a photo. I don't have this set anymore, I sold it for quite some time ago now. Because I'm more the gothic type.

Here is a photo of me wearing my very first lolita outfit, and it's was even my very first time wearing it in public. The photo is taken by a lolita of my community, who I met for the first time that day. (Alot of first times!) I had no idea of how to combine the right accesories with this outfit. So I wore wrong bracelets xD Don't shoot me! I'm already embarresed of showing it haha

The skirt and cape are from metamorphose. 
It also included a bonnet, but I'm not wearing it here.
I had no lolita blouse, socks or shoes. Just this set. The umbrella is from the other lolita. This photo os taken back in 2008. I haven't worn this outfit much, I believe 3 times max. Because I just didn't felt comfortable in these colors. It didn't felt so special for me.

But it all changed when I got my black crosses dress! 
I fell in love with it the very first moment I saw it~
And ever since I have worn it so many times ^^ My special dress.

This is much better! Still not owning a lolita blouse, but a regular black blouse.
I wear this dress often, as it's still one of my favourite dresses And look, I was a blonde back then. It's so weird to see myself like this! This picture was taken in 2008 as well. When me and some friends from school had a secret Santa meet-up. Here I am posing with my gifts ^^ I had some crazy but fun friends. A friend made a few animations, and our group were in it. Also me. I will look into it, and see if I can upload it. It was so much fun. We all did our own voices ^^

I remember posting this photo on our local community. Still blond haha.
The coat is from Baby the stars shine bright. I don't have it anymore because it's not my style anymore. Back then I would wear anything. I think I'm wearing the crosses dress underneath. I wore it alot!

I even wore the dress to my graduation at school!
Graduation. With the last dvd of our animation
Full outfit
This photo is taken on the same day, at home, wearing a proper lolita blouse (Moitié), finally ^^

I even wore it at my first time with the lolita fashion show, at Summer Darkness at 2009!
I was really nervous, as you can see. I also wore it last Summer Darkness, now I think of it xD

Here is a photo of me and Velvetbat
Look how different we looked that day, pink and black. ^^

I did the first Fits video with this dress. Don't worry, I wore bloomers underneath ^^

Anyways, I wore it alot, for several occasions.
And since I wear lolita on a daily base, I do mean alot~

What was your first dress? And do you still own it and wear it alot? 
I would love to some photo's of it ^^

11 opmerkingen:

  1. I like your first lolita outfit, it's pretty!
    I love that crosses dress, it looks great on you! It's such a beautiful dress. :D

    My first dress is the Candy House jsk from Metamorphose. But I think you already know that :P I still wear that dress. ^^
    I don't think I'm ever going to sell that dress, it means too much to me.

  2. Thank you, I did liked how it looked, but not on me.
    But the crosses dress will stay in my possesion for a long time. First dresses are special ♥

    If the dress means alot to you, don't sell it.
    Not even when you are doubting of selling..Because oterwise you might regret it.
    I sold a dress and now I regret it so much! I will never sell anything when I'm doubting.

  3. Hey ^^

    Really nice to read this post!
    You really have improved since then ^^
    And it's fun to see how your style changed and you feel so comfortable in the style now.

    I don't think I will sell my first dress ever, I thought about it once, but I'm glad I didn't do it, since I really had doubts with it.

    This is my very first outfit: http://pics.livejournal.com/roozu_chan/pic/00012t7w/s640x480

    I do believe you know that photo ^^

    I still don't do accesoires like they suppose to, but some things will never change xD

  4. My first item was a handmade skirt. I didn't wear it much, because it has the wrong shape. My first brand dress is from MAM, with Alice in Wonderland figures on it. It's great for casual lolita. I bought a few other pieces, before I bought the JSK, but I sold them, because I didn't like them.

  5. @Rooz: Yes I know that outfit!

    It seems that I always chose this dress for 'special' occasions or highlights, like graduation, fashionshow,first meetup, Fits competition, several events, first time wearing lolita at school :p

    @Luna:I love it when a dress is also perfect for a casual outfit. I would wear a casual dress even more ^^

  6. I think that you always choose that dress for first time things, is because you feel so comfortable in it.

    First things can be very stressfull, specially in lolita, so offcourse you will want to wear something that makes you feel comfortable, and for you, that is that dress.

    It is nice to see, how a dress gives you that bit of extra that you need in such situations.

  7. Erg leuk om zo al die oude foto's terug te zien! :D Je zag er echt heel anders uit in het begin, zeker toen met die gebleekte pony enzo. :D

    Mijn eerste jurk was een roze x witte jurk van Angelic Pretty. Ik vind hem nog steeds mooi, maar ik voel me er te oud voor (en dus niet meer comfortabel) om hem nog te dragen helaas. :/ Ik moet nog kijken of ik misschien met een ander type schoenen en blouse (volwassenere) ik hem misschien wel weer voor mij draagbaar kan maken.

  8. Leuk, al die oude foto's!
    Het is zo grappig, mijn eerste rok was de rok versie van jouw crosses JSK. Ik heb hem nog steeds en draag hem ook nog vaak^^ Ben nu aan het bedenken om hem op nieuwe manieren te combineren hihi.

    En mijn eerste echte lolita jurk was de Spider JSK van Mirror. Je kan bij mij wel echt zeggen dat Linda me lolita in geholpen heeft haha^^

  9. @Rooz: ja daar zit wat in, ik voel me he meest op mijn gemak met die jurk ^^

    @Velvet: Ja he, dat is al zo lang geleden dat ik mijn haar zo had. Ik hoop dat je je allereerste jurk nog kan dragen, op een meer volwassen manier. Zou toch jammer zijn anders, als je je niet meer op je gemak voelt erin.

    @Josine: Ja grappig he, maar het is gewoon een leuk ontwerp van Linda, de kruisjes jurk/rok. ^^
    Door Linda ben ik het ook veel meer gaan waarderen en gaan dragen door die jurk. En de spider jsk van haar is ook zo gaaf! Heb er heel vaak naar gekeken toen, en die staat je zo erg goed!♥

  10. Thank you so much my dear, for all the lovely comments on my blog! Don't know if I already sad this but, I love the fact that you are into the 'goth'scene, really like that. You look amazing that way. Just being yourself, keep doing that!