zondag 26 juni 2011


On friday I went to the city and bought some nice things.

The items:
- Tattoo magazine
- 5 T-shirts from Famous Stars & Straps
- Cybergothic gasmask
- Noodles!
- Hello Kitty biscuits
- Clay models
- 2 cards for my sweet penpals
- An packed Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty
I always want to give names to my plushed animals. So I wanted to name this cute Hello Kitty with bear costume. I couldn't resist in buying it! My boyfriend named all kind of names. We came to some shortages..And we came out with Debje. I immediately said that name would remind me of Debbie. But,  I did liked it, so this Hello Kitty is now called Debbie, or Debje for shortage ^^
I hope you don't mind!

A better picture of the gasmask. I really want to try out cybergothic, and cyberlolita.
It's such a different style! And I like to go to the extreme, hence why I bought this pair.
I love studs like that. When I was 15 I used to wear studded bracelets and a studded choker all the time. Those studs remind me of that time. I hope I can pull that look off though!
Velvetbat is thé perfect rolemodel concerning the cybergothic fashion for me. So I take alot of inspiration from her.

I still need the following items:
- Fluffy legwarmers. I preer the OTK legwarmers. In complete black.
- Black fluffy wristbands.
- Cyberlox.
- Platformboots.

I already have a outfit in mind for it~♥ Alot of black, that's for sure.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Awww, the hello kitty plushie looks so cute! And LOL for calling it Debje/Debbie! (as long as you don't call me Debje XD)

    The gasmask looks really amazing too! Too bad they are made from rubber, or else I would love to own one as well! (I'm allergic to rubber/latex of any kind) They are just so awesome and cool! And I am looking forward to the outfit you want to incorporate the gasmask with! :D

  2. Je cyberlolita outfit klinkt goed! Ik wil ook met zwarte fluffy's en wristcuffs werken en verder de perfecte plateaulaarzen vinden, ik ben nog steeds op zoek. En ik zit te twijfelen tussen zwart/blauwe of zwarte cyberlox. Misschien neem ik ook wel dreads, haha.
    Je gasmask is zo cool btw<3

    En Hello Kitty is een schatje!

  3. @Velvet: Don't worry, I won't call you Debje xD
    Too bad you're allergic for rubber/latex, I bet it would look fantastic on you! I hope I can get some more cyber items, I'm hoping I can wear it on Saterday, of Summer Darkness. But, I don't think I will be able to get more stuff for a outfit.
    Are you going to SD? If so, which day?

    @Josine: Oh, doe zwart/blauwe cyberlox! Dat lijkt me supergaaf ^^ Ik wil graag óf zwarte, of zwart/witte cyberlox. Ik heb alleen geen die hoe ik die kan dragen, met dat korte haar van me.
    Dreads is ook leuk! Ik heb dat een aantal jaar geleden gehad, donkerbruine met rode ^^ Af en toe denk ik wel eens, ik wil ze weer in haha.

  4. @ Josine: Blauw/zwarte cyberlox is een hele gave kleurcombinatie! (ik heb zelf namelijk ook blauw/zwarte cyberlox gedragen :D) Maar hangt er ook vanaf met welke kleur jurk je hem wil dragen natuurlijk. Als je blauw/zwarte lox wil, dan staat het wel het mooist als er ook blauw terug komt in je kleding.

    @ Niesje: I don't know if I am able to get to the SD on both days, since the weekend before the SD I also have another (gyaru) meet-up, so I don't want it to get too busy for me. 2 days is usually too exhausting.
    So I'll probably go on Sunday, at the Mfashion fashionshow.
    But secretly I hope I can get to go both days, because I really want to wear cyber to the SD as well. (and I want to see you in cyber too! :D)

  5. Ik hoop dat je beiden dagen kan,en anders alleen op zondag.Maar het is zeker te begrijpen als dat niet lukt.Kan me voorstellen dat het te vermoeiend voor je is. Lijkt me gaaf om je in cyber te kunnen zien,of een mix met lolita ^^