woensdag 15 juni 2011

Summer goals

I saw a friend of mine having some lovely goals for upcoming summer.
Which made me want to make a list with summer goals myself~

☆ Saving money for Disneyland. I only have to save money to spend there on souvenirs now ^^
☆ Go to alot of meet-ups and meeting new lovely people.
☆ Visit more vintage shops! I love spending time in those shops.
☆ Practise my photography more~ I have something in my head for it..
☆ Hopefully have an own place to live. It's hard to find something!
☆ Be more crafty, and make some nice things for my dolls, or perhaps myself.
☆ Visit more lovely places, I feel the need to explore the country.
☆ Finding my ultimate dreamdress~

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