vrijdag 22 juli 2011

My buyings at the vintage shopping meetup

I'm sorry for not posting a proper update!
But my personal life isn't going so well.
I hope you will all understand!

In a previous entry I wrote about the Vintage shopping meetup. 
Now I will show you what I bought that day.
I didn't plan on buying anything that day, but I ended up buying 3 skirts, 2 beads and a rosary.
Stupid vintage shops, making me spending more money than I wanted! *shakes fist*

I thought the blue skirt was a bit too simple, so I added the black lace on the bottom of the skirt. 
I like it so much better now. ^^
I truly love the black x blue combination, as many of you know.
I'm wearing this skirt right now!

Much better, right?

And the green skirt reminded me of Slytherin, and it has a rose pattern.
Gosh, do I love roses..or just flower patterns in general. I couldn't resist in buying it!
Green and black is a nice combination..Or just anything with black~♥ It already has some lace on it.

And the black skirt is for my casual days. Sheer fabric!
Not sure how to combine it, but almost anything goes well with black.

And look at my beads I bought at Beadies!
Two little snakes. Gosh, I'm so Slytherin obsessed. I love my house~♥
I made a necklace and a bracelet with it. Just simple ones, because I like simple.
It can go with almost anything.

And my red rosary. I already had one, but some beads lost his color due to the sun.
Now I can match with Emmy my sweet BJD, and her red rosary.

My next entry will be a outfit post again.
I hope to post that one soon, because I have some more things to show you.~♥

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Die blauwe rok ziet er echt heel mooi uit nu met het kant erop! Dat maakt het echt af. ^^

    En sowieso heb je erg leuke spulletjes gekocht die dag! :D

  2. Je hebt echt hele leuke dingen gekocht!

  3. dat kant erop is echt prachtig. Whauw! Ik wil ook een Slytherin Ketting :( Waarom heb je niet gezegt dat ze die daar verkochten?!

    Maar je hebt leuke spulletjes hoor!

  4. Dank jullie wel ^^
    En Miradell, Ik dacht dat je ook in die winkel was. Moet zeggen dat ik er echt niet aan gedacht had, sorry!

  5. I really like the first skirt and the red rosary *_* great purchases!

  6. Je rokken zijn zo leuk!^^
    En die beadies zijn liefde!