woensdag 13 juli 2011

Slytherin for the win!

Yesterday my dress arrived! It was a commission by Mirror.
I wanted to have a green dress, which would be perfect as a Slytherin dress. (Harry Potter, yay!)
And now, after a while, it's mine at last.
I'm very pleased with how it turned out~♥
And I asked for a matching headdress.
Plus a pair of spider bloomers, which will be perfect for the summer.

On to the pictures!

First, the lovely headdress.
I love it! The fabric is really soft, and the headdress looks so elegant ^^
And I wanted the headdress to have a haircomb on the back, because it's easier to wear.

The gorgeos dress~

Now let's look at some details!
The bottom of the dress
The top of the dress
The back~♥

It's a two way dress, as you might can see. You can fold the dress up in both sides with some ribbon on the inside. The fabric is velvet, so it's really soft. The inside of the dress has lining, and is as well really soft.  Even the lace is extremely soft! The quality of the dress, and headdress is incredible. It's even better than some brand dresses! You can see that it's proffessionally made.

I love the back, with the corset lacing. ^^
The big ribbon on the back is fake as you can see, this was the best solution, because it's hard to make a nice ribbon of velvet fabric. I wanted to have a more mature and elegant dress, and she made it just exactly like I wanted. I'm so happy with it ♥
It's a good dress for the winter as well, I bet it can be really warm ^^
I have already tried it on, as usual, and it fits me so well!
I might wear it this friday, depending on the weather, to the vintage meet-up in Amsterdam.♥

And here are my spider bloomers!
The best part about it is that it can be worn as shorts as well if you like.

With Mirror card
Binky approves!

And the video, for a better look at the dress~♥

11 opmerkingen:

  1. The dress is really gorgeous, but I'm in love with the headdress *_*

  2. awww geen aan foto's T_T

  3. It's a beautiful dress!
    I like the color, I love green lolita outfits!
    *aanfoto?! ^_~ Hij staat je vast prachtig!*

  4. I might wear this outfit this friday at the meeting, so that's why I don't show any pictures of it worn ;)

    And thank you girls ♥

  5. Ik ben heel erg benieuwd hoe hij je staat, maar hij staat vast prachtig :3
    Vind hem echt heel mooi<3

  6. hij is echt prachtig! Hoop dat je hem vrijdag aandoet.

  7. een hele mooie jurk! ik vind de headdress ook heel erg mooi :D

  8. Morgen kan je die in het echt bewonderen ;)

  9. Totally lovely dress~ And those bloomers are co amazing ones! ♥

    I also like Slytherin, my favorite house from HP defenitely~! (*-*)

  10. slytherin rules!