woensdag 24 augustus 2011

Old School Lolita Meet-up

So recently was the old school lolita meet-up, in Utrecht.
My plan was to wear my black dress with white crosses, because I had the perfect matching headdress for it. But I couldn't wear it..I was so sad..I had to hurry and changed my outfit.. I decided to wear aristocrat instead.

I had a wonderfull time with the girls, and everyone looked amazing ♥
None of these photo's are made by me, except the last 2 ones.

My look that day
Group picture!
Chokelate and me~
I love her silly poses ♥
With some of the girls

With Lany and Miss Ludivine
And of course we had the shoe shot!
I wore my Moitié shoes ♥
Hands! Can you spot mine?

Later on we went to a bar, and had something to drink and eat.
I chose the Dutch Kroketten, with fries.


12 opmerkingen:

  1. You look amazing with this outfit! I really love the meeting theme ♥

  2. you look stunning! id love to try aristovrat, it always looks so beautiful!

  3. I love your outfit and you look very beautiful! :)

  4. You are so beautiful! Lovely pictures:D

  5. Jammer dat je je kruisjesjurk niet kon dragen, maar dit outfit staat je ook heel erg mooi! :D

  6. Leuke foto's!
    Die foto met gereserveerd is echt grappig xD
    Aristocrat staat je goed, moet je zeker vaker dragen! :D

  7. De kruisjesjurk kan ik nu wel weer dragen..dus voor een volgende keer.. ;)

    And I'm happy you all like this outfit, I'm sure I will wear aristocrat more often, since I love it alot ♥

  8. Je outfit was prachtig ^^ Je moet echt meer aristocraft dragen :D

  9. Looks like was a great meet up.
    Really lovely coords and ladys, I'm happy to see all this great old school <3

  10. Very nice outfit! Love it ^^ from where's that dress? I love the combo with the dress and the belt!

  11. Jullie zien er allemaal prachtig uit! :D