woensdag 3 augustus 2011

Summer Darkness - Saturday

So last weekend was Summer Darkness, a underground gothic festival. ♥
I went early to go to Miradell, because I was about to spend the night there.
I dropped off my stuff there, and get ready for the festival.
On saturday I wore my cyberlolita outfit. I was planning to wear my crosses dress with it, but while getting dressed the zipper broke! Such bad timing...So I decided to wear my Cathedral dress with it instead.

I found some photo's of me already on internet.
So none of these photo's are made by me.

Me with the sweet Eva, both wearing the Cathedral print ♥
Then we got tired and sat for a while..But it was not safe for us.
Even then photographers take photo's of you.

Outfit Rundown:
Cyberlox: Made by me.
Blouse: H&M
Dress: Moi-Même-Moitié
Netshirt: Offbrand
Fluffies: FB Clubwear
Shoes: LingLam
Goggles: Dreadshop
Cyber Gasmask: Yankee
Necklaces: Lemon / Gothic market
Rings: H&M
Bracelets: handmade and by H&M

Me and Hello Kitty, from the sweet Anne, who was also spending the night at Miradell.
I have fluffies as legs xD

Hello Kitty in my cyberlox, and Miradell trolling!
Fun times!
Trolling with Miradell is fun!
Cyberlox Moustaches!
She just wouldn't leave my cyberlox alone!
Anne, Me and Miradell
And then Anne and me trolled as well.

I had so much fun that day! We walked alot so my feet were dead in the evening.
We laughed alot and had a great time that day.
Thank you girls~♥

Also please check out this blog: leyla fashion She has some video's of that day.
You will be seeing a little bit of me in the beginning as well.
There is also a video of the Post Nuclear Steam - Fashion Manifest.
I was there as well, and it was such a great fashionshow. Go check out that video!
I made some photo's of that show as well. 
And I was standing right there at the front, next to leyla, who was filming it.

I will post soon about the next day. 
The day I modelled for MFashion, a gothic lolita fashionshow.
Something to look forward to!

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks like you have had so much fun. ^^
    It's such a amazing outfit!
    I love cyberlolita <3

  2. you are so cool!


  3. Ik vind je cyberlolita outfit echt heel gaaf geworden, zoals ik al zei! En je cathedral jurk past er mooi bij! :D

  4. Je zag er zaterdag en zondag erg mooi uit <3
    Het was leuk je weer gezien te hebben,was al veel te lang geleden!
    En de foto van ons 2 is leuk geworden :D

    (Oh ja,had je die foto die jij van mij gemaakt hebt nog? Ik ben wel benieuwd hoe die geworden is.^^ )

  5. Je zag er super uit zaterdag en het was leuk je gezien te hebben zondag!^^

  6. I really love your outfit as usual :D this convention looked so fun!

  7. was echt een geweldig weekend! vol met plezier en trolling hihi :P.
    Ook vond ik je er prachtig uit zien.

  8. Wauw<3 je cyberloxs past echt precies bij je dress ^^. I love it!

  9. Thank you all for the sweet comments ♥♥♥
    I had such an amazing time.
    And I liked to wear cyberlolita for a change ^^

  10. je cyber lolita outfit is awesome geworden *o*