dinsdag 13 september 2011


I decided to wear my dreamdress again~
I need to wear it more often. 
But I wanted to wear it for more special occasions in the first place, since it's a special dress for me.
When I think or look at the dress I can't believe I actually have it, after all those years. 
I fought for it. And it seems a few more girls of my community have obtained this print as well.
So lucky! And also the Silent Moon is a dress a few girls of our community own. We should totally need to arrange a Moitié meet-up! ♥ It would be awesome!

And now, on to the photo's! 
I kindly asked my boyfriend to take a few, even though he has been sick for almost a week now.

I love to show details~
I thought of trying something different by wearing these tights.
Gosh, I love this shattered nailpolish!

Outfit Rundown:
Dress: Moi-Même-Moitié
Blouse: H&M
Tights: Can't remember 
Shoes: Moi-Même-Moitié
Headdress: Handmade
Rings: H&M/Handmade
Bracelets: H&M/Handmade
Necklace: Midi:Nette

I feel like I need to be more creative, coming up with new outfits.
But sometimes I just don't know. Not knowing what to come up with.
I can't allow myself to buy more new lolita clothing at the moment, so I have to be content with the clothing I already have. 
I don't consider myself having alot of lolita clothing, because I almost wear it every day. I think I wear 2 days of the week a non-lolita outfit, containing a pair of pants.
So the options are running low :p

An outfit can look completely different with an other blouse, headdress, shoes,socks and accesories. Luckily I can always make myself some accesories, but I can't make clothing for myself. I still have some lovely fabric laying here, waiting, to become something pretty like a skirt. Maybe if I ask someone very kindly, it can be made..Since I still need to buy more things for my sewing machine before I can use it. (And I still need to figure out how it works).

And lately I have been really interested in the Cult Party Kei fashion style. 
So I want to go out for some vintage shopping soon, to look for some suitable clothing.
I always want to try out new things! And hopefully it looks nice on me.


Is there a fashionstyle you want to try out in the future?
Please tell me!

And how would you make a refreshing outfit, with the same dress or skirt?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I like your outfit as always ♥! I'm always looking for new accessories, especially blouses, thights and hair clips, when I was unlucky here in Italy, I found all I want on taobao :D for a very cheap price! In the next order I'll surely buy a blue blouse for my silent moon :D it's really hard to create a new outfit with Moitie dresses!!

    ( I would like to try mori style, but maybe it's not for me XD)

  2. Je ziet er weer prachtig uit! De cathedral staat je erg mooi. En die pruik ook, erg elegant! ^^

    En inderdaad hebben nu best wat mensen een Silent Moon en/of een Cathedral :p (Net als Vampire Requiem - maar ik helaas nog niet. :()
    Een Moitie meet-up klinkt wel erg gaaf! ^^ Maar ik denk sowieso dat op de All Goth meet-up veel Moitie zal verschijnen. Moitie is toch wel een beetje hét merk als het om gothic lolita gaat natuurlijk.

    En Cult Party Kei ziet er heel leuk uit! Leuk dat je die stijl ook wilt proberen! ^^ Zelf zou ik die stijl niet dragen, het is niet mijn ding. Maar ik volg op tumblr een aantal dolly-kei blogs die ook cult party kei posten en ik vind het altijd erg leuk om te zien. En ik denk ook dat het je goed zal staan! Dus ik ben erg benieuwd. ^^

    Zelf wil ik heel graag TutuHa gyaru uitproberen. Maar voor aankomende maand heb ik al een hele hoop andere (lolita) uitgaven in de planning staan, dus het heeft nog even tijd nodig voordat ik het echt kan proberen.

    En beterschap aan je vriendje!

  3. I always wear different tights and accessoires with my dresses to make it more interesting. But I recognize the problem, since I wear lolita every day, you have the feeling you don't have too many options. Cathedral is a dreamprint indeed, I love my skirt too, I pair it with a blue rosary, black sheer blouse and lace tights now, but I'm searching for blue heels to make it more interesting :)
    Maybe that's an idea? Unusual shoes?

    Styles I want to try in the future are shiro lolita and gothic hime lolita. And dolly kei!

  4. @Hyrule: Thank you!♥ Oh a blue blouse would look good with that dress ^^

    @Velvet: Dank je wel ♥ Ja bij een all-goth meet zal er vast veel Moitié te zien zijn haha. En tutuHa gyaru staat je ook vast goed, je kan vele stijlen hebben ^^

    @Josine: Yes, that's my problem as well, I wear it on a daily base, so it's getting hard to come up with new options to keep it fresh. BLue heels, gosh, that would be awesome ♥

  5. I've recently tried Dolly Kei which was one of the styles I really wanted to do. ^^ And I'd like to do a Cult Party Kei outfit as well, it's similar to Dolly Kei and I'm a pastel lover so... :3
    And I've also always wanted to do Hime Gyaru. I might sometime in the future.. ^^

    As for refreshing outfits, I think everyone has an 'stylist block' from time to time... when you just have no idea what to put together. I think the best way is not to push it. Wear some simpler outfits and meanwhile search for an inspiration - it can be some new music or pictures online (on Tumblr for example) ^^
    Or if you want to try Cult Party Kei, why not adding its elements to Lolita? I know it's almost impossible to combine it with Moitié but you could for example get inspired by their way of layering clothes together. (Letting out the pastels as they're not very MMM thing :D)