vrijdag 23 september 2011


A little bit more than a week ago I had send one doll of mine away for a new face-up.
The face-up is done by the amazing Soft_Poison, of the dutch BJD community. She is known for her extreme face-ups, so she was the perfect person for Damiën's new face-up.
She has already done another doll of mine before, so I knew it would turn out great.

Here is a photo of his old face-up~

Too lazy too put my name on it :p
And the new one, which is more dramatic.
With a facial tattoo, and a scratched cheek.

Such red lips!
And Damiëns head with my other guy, who's head is on Damiëns body right now.
They are sharing their eyes with each other, both having one red and blue eye.

And Damiën back on his own body. His face-up reminds me of drag queens, which I don't mind. 
This face-up suits his personality perfectly. I'm really satisfied with it.
And he also has a few little piercings ♥ 

I really should pay more attention to my dolls..all of them.
I haven't been photographing them for quite some time now. 
And if I make some I somehow not always post them..


This weekend I will be gone for Camera Japan.
A event that is held the whole weekend, with lots of activities, movies and fashionshows.
There is also a lolita fashionshow, which I will be attending.

I hope to make some photo of it this weekend!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. The make up is perfect! Love it!

    I hope you have a fun this weekend ♥

  2. I love his new face-up!
    Soft_Poison is amazing, her face-ups are beautiful!

    I hope you have a nice weekend. ^^