woensdag 7 september 2011

St. Peter's Cross Lace OP

I don't think I have shown some better photo's of this dress yet.
So here we go!
I think this is the most beautiful and elegant brand dress I own~♥
Because Moitié stockphoto's always look terrible I took some shots, but also a video.
Gosh, I'm so happy with it~
The rosary was a gift from my sweet friend, from who I bought this beauty.
Thank you so much!
This is for the people who wants to see more of this dress. Enjoy!

The mannequin is too big!
And the video, because it shows so much more than a picture.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I love this dress! The lace is really gorgeous ♥

  2. I love how every inch of it is just perfect. ♥ It's a really beautiful dress. And making a video about it is a great idea! ^^

  3. De jurk is echt heel mooi! En inderdaad van de Moitié stockfoto's vond ik hem eigenlijk altijd best lelijk. XD Maar op jouw foto's totaal niet! En het filmpje is ook leuk. Ik had zelf gister ook besloten om filmpjes te gaan maken van nieuwe outfits, omdat je op filmpjes zo veel meer kunt laten zien dan op foto's. ^^

  4. Hele mooie jurk!
    Hij zal je vast goed staan!


  5. And the lace at the bottom even has little M's in it! So many details you would never see in their srockphoto's..They really should change that..

    Thank you all so much! ♥

    @Velvet: Leuk dat je ook outfit video's gaat maken!