woensdag 5 oktober 2011


It's something you need if you want to wear lolita.
And I know it may be hard, especially for a first time, to go out in public while wearing lolita.

It's something you need to get used to. Perhaps the best way to start with wearing lolita, is to take little steps.Wether you want to wear it at school, meet-ups, every day or maybe even work (depends on job).

You can start with wearing some hair accesories, or a subtle headbow.
After that perhaps a skirt or dress, without a petticoat, so that people can get used to it first.
I would say, go for a more casual dress or skirt, possibly without a outstanding print, or no print at all.
Go for a casual look if you want to get used at going out with a frilly dress for the first time.
After a while, when people are getting more used to your look, you can wear a petticoat underneath. Wearing a lolita blouse or a bolero, and some matching shoes.

Also, in my experience, when wearing lolita in school, it may be best to wear some cheap lolita clothing, such as Bodyline. Because it may get dirty. Or, if you want to wear it everyday to school, it's cheaper, so you can buy more clothing. That's what I did. If I wore some bodyline skirts, so that I didn't have to be so protective towards my clothing getting dirty and such. But, I also wore my beloved crosses dress (which was also my first outfit to wear to school). I also wore a white Btssb coat several times (I sold it a long time ago), but it wasn't a succes, because it gets dirty so fast at school.

~☆~☆~My experience~☆~☆~
I'm not sure if this all work, because when I decided I wanted to wear lolita to school the first time, I went for the complete look. I wore the whole thing, a dress with petticoat, matching headdress..

My friends all loved it. That I wore something I wanted to wear. Something that made me happy.
Of course there are always some people who don't like it, and even call out names and such.
But, not so much. Keep in mind I went to a graphic school, with alot of 'different' looking people.
Alot of gothics, cybers and skaters..and of course, the 'normal' people :p
I didn't really care, because I have been dressing differently from all the 'other people' for years.
I went from a alto/skater look to more gothic, and later on lolita.
And because I was surrounded by a few friends who liked it, I felt safe. If that makes any sense..
I think I would be a easy target if I didn't had any friends and was all alone.

But when I look back, I was still feeling a bit unsecure when I first started out wearing lolita.
Over these years I gained much more confidence, because I got more used to wearing it. And I didn't look insecure on the outside anymore, or, not that much as I used to do. That also helps.
Try to look confident, if you do, people seem to call lesser than usual. Or perhaps you won't notice anymore.

But, I also think it helped me that I got friends in the lolita community, because you know you won't be alone. There are more people who love this fashionstyle, and can be supportive for you.
The more friends I got, and the closer I got with them, the more secure I felt. 

For the people who want to wear it the first time, good luck!
Keep your head high, and know that you are not alone


How was your experience when you first wore lolita in public?

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  1. Scary! But it felt cool! I got many compliments:D
    Though when I wore this dress for the first time to school I got a lot of stares, bad looks and names thrown after me. I'm on a weird school I guess and I'm doing a pretty creative course there and the rest just normal things.
    I did get a few people who liked it very much:)
    Though it was still a scary experience:P

  2. My wearing lolita for the first time was to school too I believe. :3
    I got my first lolita skirt (and a petticoat) and I was so happy about it so I took some matching accessories and a cardigan etc. and just wore a full lolita outfit to school. The reactions were not really positive but I was too happy to care. :D ^^
    It's strange 'cause I sometimes feel discouraged now after such a long time... It's not that I'd care about other people's (most of them) opinions but sometime's it's so annoying that I start to get sick of everything. ><