vrijdag 21 oktober 2011

Lockshop review

Last week I ordered a wig from Lockshop, which site can be found ♥here♥
I have heard some possitive things about the wigs, so I decided to buy one.

The website looks very neat, and is pretty fast. 
Everything can be found clear and fast.
All the information you want to know is pretty much on the website.
You can change the currency on top of the website on the far left in Euro, Dollar and Pounds.
You can also chose to register there, but if you don't want to, you don't have to.
And that's what I like. Even when you are not registered, you can still follow your order, by clicking "Guest Tracking" in you email, when you have placed your order. The website looks proffesional, and I'm glad it doesn't look too crowded.

I went for the 'Soft Curls Auburn' wig. 
I like the color and model of the wig.
The blonde looks too light for me, and the black and brown color also looks nice. But, I wanted a wig with a bit different color. It can still be used for Lolita, but also for a more casual and everyday look .

The information of the product says the following:
"This wig might look suspiciously simple, but it's more versatile than you would think!
The fullness of this wig makes it easy to try out different and cute hairstyles, add buns, braids or pin it in a cute updo! The bangs have been made fuller, so you can rock it with thick blunt bangs, but if you want to go for a sideswept look it's a good idea to thin it out a bit! The fibres are soft and aren't prone to tangling, you don't need to brush or comb the wig before putting it on, simply run your fingers through the curls to soften them up a bit! We kept the bangs long, so you can decide on a sideswept look or cool blunt bangs!"

Ordering a wig is very easy. You can add the wig you want to your cart, and on the right you will see your product, along with the price of shipping and it's total cost.

It went pretty fast. 
After ordering you will get a e-mail from Lockshop with the invoice.
You have to pay with Paypal, so you can pay right away.

On the website it says there might be a possible delay with shipping between wednesday the 5th of October until wednesday the 26th of October.So, I was prepared to wait longer for it.
Eventually it still arrived pretty fast! I ordered on thursday, and got an email on saturday that my wig was shipped. The package arrived on thuesday.
So, it took 5 days after placing the order, with the weekend included to arrive here. Lockshop is located in The Netherlands, and so am I. If you order after the named date it will arrive faster if you are in the same country. I don't know how long it would take to ship to an other country.

It was packed well, it came in a plastic package.
The wig was packed in paper, and on top of that was the invoice of my order, along with a list of instructions, on how to maintain your wig. And also a business card of Lockshop.I also got a wigcap! You can never have enough of those!

Wig with artificial light in the evening
Since it was already dark when I made these photo's, I decided to wait until the next day, for making more photo's, with better light.

The plastic bag where the wig is being held in, is even thicker than the bags of my other wigs! Very sturdy, which I like. And look, a cute tag of Lockshop!

Wig with natural light

The quality of the wig is very good actually.
It looks a bit frizzy on the picture below, but that's because of taking the wig straight out of the net. Look at the color, it's beautifl isn't it?
The color of the wig of the website is very accurate, luckily. I was afraid it wouldn't be the same color, but it is! Lockshop claims to be a full wig, and I have to agree with that. It's pretty full, much fuller than my other wigs.
And, it's not so shiny as my other wigs as well, which makes it look more real. Don't you think it looks pretty natural?

And then it's time to wear the wig!
The bangs came uncut, so it might be a bit too long.
I didn't felt like cutting the bags right away, so I'm wearing it to the side.

Natural light
Let's see how the wig looks like when you are looking on top of it!
Looks good and realistic.
with natural and artificial light

The price is right, it's not so expensive for what you get.
The wig is in excellent condition, great quality.
The wig costs €28,50, tax included.
Shipping was €8,25, tax included. So I had to pay a total of €36,75.

I would definitely buy again from Lockshop.
Such good service, and still pretty fast, even when mentioned it could be delayed a bit.
The wig is of great quality. It's full and feels thick.
I really hope they will sell straight black wigs with 2 pigtails in the future, because I would buy it right away then. I can't find that kind of wig anywhere, only with wavy hair.

A little video of the wig, when it just got out of the net.
To show you can't see the net, when lifting up some hair.

If you have a question about the wig, or about ordering, or anything else, just ask!
I hope this review is a bit clear.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the color of this wig! I'm so curious to see your next outfit with it ♥

  2. I ordered the same wig! It's still on it's way to here (grouporder so it's not directly to me) and I love it already if I read your review ^^

  3. I love the wig, thinking about getting it in black^^

  4. I also would like it in black right now, but it wouldn't feel special for me then, since it would be the same haircolor as my own, only longer hair. Instead I'll just wait for my own hair to grow, otherwise I would have a wig just like my own hair in the future. ^^