zondag 20 november 2011


This weekend there will be a BJD high tea meet-up. It has been quite some time ago since I attended a BJD meet-up! I hope I will be better then. I just don't know which doll I should take with me..Perhaps Telena ♥

Last week I went for a little bit shopping. Just a little bit, because I wasn't planning in buying anything at all..So, here are my purchases~

Red legwarmers. I thought they looked cute with the little ribbon on it.
I found this at the child's department of H&M, and was positively surprised to have found it.
It's a one size, so I hope it fits. But I think it does. I was planning to wear it with my red Metamorphose dress, but the red of the dress and of the legwarmers are not the same. But maybe it won't be a problem..I suppose I should just try it out. Otherwise I can wear them with a different outfit. Perhaps a white outfit, with red accents...♥

And alot of girls have seen this lovely faux fawn fur collar before elsewhere, but I also have it.
I just couldn't resist, it looks so adorable. You should feel it, it's extremely soft!
But again, it's from the child's department of H&M. So, it may be too small for certain people. It's only available in one size. To show you how it can look, I took a photo of me wearing it.
And, you can even write your name on the label that is on the inside.
Now I just need to think of a suiting outfit to wear it with...

And, a photo of all the purchases together.
I bought a pack of tights, the biggest size of the child's department, because I needed the white tights..I learned from a friend that we could fit into it. They only had it in a pack, so I also have a pair of soft pink tights..

What else..Some crafting supplies I bought for cheap at several stores.
I hope I feel better soon, so I can craft again. And perhaps I can show something on my blog.
Don't you just like to be creative and make things yourself? It always brings me in a good mood, when I made something myself. Or perhaps drawing, or writing. Just to be creative. ♥

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I love your new purchases! I'm a bad girl...I bought the faux fawn fur collar too ahah I hope to make a post with my last little purchases asap :D

  2. Lovely purchases!
    I hope the bjd meet-up is going to be fun.
    I'm looking forward to see the pictures. ^^

  3. Thank you! I hope the meet-up will be fun, because it has been a while since I went to such a meet. And I only know very, very few people that are coming. So, it will be a challenge for me, to meet new people. I will do my best to make some nice photo's! ♥