zaterdag 26 november 2011


Yesterday I bought some fabrics from a friend.
All it's more classic..♥ I'm starting to like floral prints more..
And then she gave me a plastic Baby bag for it. Nice, I collect these bags ^^
I always save those when I got them.

The second and third piece of fabric is very small, and more to make something for one of my dolls. A nice skirt or dress. The black fabric is for lining. 
I got these expensive fabrics for a good price.

I also bought a skirt from a friend, and I really like it ♥
It's a nice black sheer skirt, from Dear Celine. 
It was a good price and it looks good. I really needed a black (corset)skirt in my life.
I can't wait to wear it!

I went to the city today with my boyfriend, because I needed to buy new socks.
But, we bought a bit more. And when I got home I found the package from my skirt.
Such a nice surprise ♥

I bought Hello Kitty socks! But also some plain ones.
A dvd of the  'Come fly with me' serie and a chocolate letter from the upcoming St. Nicolas event (for children). I love white chocolate. 
And my boyfriend needed to buy it for me, since he ate my last one!

As for lunch we got a big box of hot wings from the KFC.
It was so much and we weren't hungry at all, so we took it with us :p
And we ate the rest at home haha...

Tomorrow is the bjd meet-up. 
I'm getting a bit nervous, but atleast I know a few people.
Not sure what to wear though!

Also not sure if I will update my blog tomorrow, so you all have to do it with this update..
So many meet-ups and other things are coming this upcoming month.
I'm really looking forward to it.
Like a nice movie evening with some friends, lolita meet-ups, a photoshoot, christmas and me and my boyfriends 5th year anniversary ♥

What are your plans for upcoming month? ^^

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I love your new purchases! The skirt is really lovery, I'm sure it will suit you well!

  2. Glad you like the skirt so much, I think it will suit you well!<3
    And I love the fabrics, I'm sure you gonna make some awesome classic pieces with them!

  3. I love your new purchases! And those floral fabrics are beutifull! The one on the far left I had in brown.

  4. Thank you girls ♥
    @Miradell: I thought so too,I hope you don't mind?