maandag 19 december 2011

Ikea Meet-up

I feel so lazy to make a post! I still have some photo's from a while ago!
I bought some nice things I would like to show ♥

Me and two other lolita friends went to Ikea. We just love those Swedish meatballs!
After that we went the city for a bit.

I really liked this bag for a while, but I don't like spending too much money. So, now there was a sale at H&M, and I got it for a good price now. Maybe it can also be used in combination with a steampunk outfit?

And this's perfect! I found it at the men's department of H&M, being the last one there. I just couldn't help myself of buying it. I love skulls ♥

And what can I say? Blue is my favourite color..So it was needed to own it ♥
And I already have worn it..It fits me perfectly!

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