zaterdag 10 december 2011


My recent purchases ♥

I love little boxes like these!

Religious prints, crosses and bracelets are on my mind lately. I couldn't resist in buying these. 
It's funny that my younger brother also loves these bracelets. 
He and my mother both wear these bracelets.

Material to make some christmas cards myself. I love putting some effeort in it, and send them to those I care for.

Some more crafty stuff!

These Muse cd's are a christmas gift for my boyfriend. He is a big Muse fan.
A band we both love ♥

And more craft stuff. And some mini christmas stockings ♥

My new bag! I really needed a new one, buceause my old one is worn out.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I like your new purchases! The bag is really cute, I'm in love with the little box!

  2. wauw die kistje. Zo schattig! ik wou dat ik de ruimte had voor zoiets.

    Zelf kaarten maken is echt een leuk iets. ik deed het vroeger ook ^^

  3. Thank you, I just love the box ♥ And it was very cheap!

    Ja kaarten maken vind ik echt leuk!