zaterdag 14 januari 2012

And again..

Looks familiar? That's right! Check the previous post, I already bought these dresses in the color red and dark blue! They feel so comfortable, and I liked these colors. ♥  So, I bought a grey and dark brown one. They also had a black one, but I decided not to buy that one, because I wanted a bit more variation, instead of an all black closet. Not that there is something wrong with that!

  Green wool for a future BJD project, but I still have to finish my other BJD project!

 Food, I love it!

A very pink fake fur scarf , that was now  on sale, for only €3,-! It's original price was €14,95 so this was a real bargain I couldn't resist!

Pink hairclips! I don't know why, but I just had to buy it. I love flower hairclips! I hope I can use them in a nice lolita outfit. Not sure how and when though! And I really like this photo actually.

Buy all the butterfly clips! I already have this one in black and white~

Another fake fur scarf. Can you tell I love these? This one was on sale for €5,-!

See this lovely green ring? It will be perfect for my green dress. Perfect Slytherin ring!
My dear friend Miradell has the same ring, but the blue version. She is in the house of Ravenclaw.

I thought this shopping bag was adorable! I bought the tights you see below.

Sweets and Mogu Mogu drink. Yummy!

Stuff for being crafty again!

And I liked this photo, so I wanted to share it with you ♥ Gosh, I really love my camera!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. It's so awesome you bought that ring in green! It's perfect for you (duh!). I also very curios what you'r bjd project is about!

  2. So many cute things! :D I have that H&M fur stole too :3

  3. jaaaa nu een furry meet als in iedereen heeft hetzelfde bontje aan XD
    die roze is ook echt vet O.O need to go to the H&M

  4. How do I keep missing these fur shawls in the H&M D:
    Though I picked up an awesome leather rose hairclip x3

  5. Nice stuff!! Loooove the fake fur shawls and pink hairclips!

  6. @Miradell: Ring twins! ♥
    @Kari: Die roze is maar 3 euro nu, koooop! *__*