donderdag 12 januari 2012

Lockshop review 2

A while ago there was a outfit contest on Facebook from Lockshop. 
The winner would win a wig of choice, wig comb and mystery gift. The second place a wig of choice.

And, to my surprise I recieved a e-mail, telling me I was second place! I thought it would be impossible, because there were many girls attending the contest, and with more 'likes' than me! So, I felt very lucky ^^ 

I chose for the 'Silky Straight Dark Brown' wig. And I will write my second review about a Lockshop wig. You can read the first one -here-

This review will be different than the first one, because I didn't had to order it this time. I will skip right to the package!

It was packed well, it came in the plastic package as the previous time I recieved a wig from Lockshop. The wig was packed neatly in pape, with a businesscard. When I opened it I saaw the wig, and, another wigcap! The previous time I also got a wigcap with my wig.

The quality of the wig is good. It's a pretty long wig, and it feels very soft and smooth.
The color of the wig of the website is very accurate.In natural light the wig looks very lovely, and natural.

 As you can see, on the other side of the wig you see short hairs. I think they done it because usually a wig will tangle alot on that place. By having the hair there short like this it won't happen. You won't see a thing of this when you wear the wig.

What does Lockshop claim?
"This lovely layered silky straight wig is inspired by the sleek styles that many Asian pop idols sport. It's a great wig for lolita, gyaru, mori or just your every day street style!
Because of the super sleek layered style of this wig it looks thinner than the rest of our wigs, but we assure you, it's the perfect thickness for the length of the fibers!
The fibers are soft and aren't prone to tangling, and because it's super straight it's very easy to maintain! We kept the bangs long, but this style looks the best with blunt bangs!"

Is this true?
The wig looks indeed thinner than the other wigs that are offered, but if you wear it, it still looks good. The bangs are indeed long, but if you want to wear the bangs sideswept, than the length is perfect. This is what I did when I tried the wig on. (By now I have cut the bangs shorter). And the wig is indeed very soft, as I said earlier.

This wig costs  29,50 € tax incl.This is €1,- more expensive, compared to the 'Soft Curls Auburn' wig. But the price is right, because this wig is a lot more longer.
And here I am, wearing the wig! I have made one photo with flash, and one in natural light. As you can see, it looks shiny with flash, but it looks fantastic in natural light! Please note that my room is very dark, with minimum light! For the second photo I was standing right behind the window, for better light.

Why am I wearing green nailpolish?!
As I said before, I would  buy again from Lockshop. I really like those wigs, and the service is good. The wig is very easy to brush with your wig comb, because it's a straight wig. It felt great to run my fingers between the fibers! And, I like how this wig looks on me! I will show you how the wig looks like with the bangs cut, in a different post!

And, a big thank you for Lockshop, for having this contest ♥

And, a video along with it!

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  1. first of all, congratz with your second place in the contest :D
    I really like how this wig looks on you, it looks like it's really your natural hair ^^

  2. I`ve never used a wig but you look great!! I have to try it xDD

  3. congratz with your second place in the contest. You deserve it!
    The wig look really good on you!

  4. Thank you girls! ♥

    @Violeth: You can always try it, it really comes in handy when you have a bad hair day, or when you feel lazy, hehe :p

  5. I really, really like how it looks on you!! I love lockshop wigs! *-*

  6. Hi! I am interested in buying the same wig! Does it have a reddish shade in light? Because in the pictures at the site it looks a little like that, but it could be my monitor.. Thank you for your post!