dinsdag 17 januari 2012

Lolita gift swap

We recently had our lolita gift swap meeting, and it was alot of fun. ♥ You won't know who has you, until that person gives you your present!There were alot of people, I thought something like 26 lolita's, and 4 boyfriends! I had great gifts, but I will show them in the next post, to avoid a picture overload, which can't be avoided :p

I decided I wanted to ear my new wig, that I had won. I had cut the bangs this time, and accidently also cut myself while doing so! Next time I must not rush these things..

Some photo's are made by my boyfriend, others by me. The light was not so great, so I needed to edit the photo's after.

Thank you girls, for this amazing and fun day ♥

 Wig twins! We both are wearing the same wig from Lockshop!
And look at her dress, she made it herself! It looked so amazing, I wanted it *__*
Can you tell it's Moitié inspired? ♥

The boyfriend~♥
 After everyone recieved their gifts, it was time for chattng and taking pictures!

Pretty girls *__*
Talking and such~

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Aww, all of you guys looked so beautiful.. Wish I could have been there, seemed like you all had a lovely time! ^_^

  2. It was a lot of fun and everybody looked beautiful <3

    Can't wait to see your present post ^^

  3. you are so gorgeous with this moitie dress!!! *_____* I love it xDD

  4. It was such a lovely day. You looked wonderful!<3

  5. I'm glad you had an amazing day ♥ everyone looked perfect and I really like your outfit!

  6. You look so lovely, i adore how that kind of moitie sleeve suits thin girls like you. I look like a sausage in them but alas since there's nothing i can do about it, i still wear them hahahahahahahaha XD

  7. Thank you all for the sweet comments! ♥

    @Minimiran: Too bad you couldn't come, it has been such a long time since I saw you!

    @Rooz: Well, it's posted now ^^ It was fun indeed!

    @Violeth: Thank you dear!

    @Josine: Thank you, you looked amazing with that dress ♥

    @Federica: It was such a fun day. Meet-ups like these are great ♥

    @Redtonic: These sleeves are amazing! Normally sleeves are always a bit on the short side, but not with these, these are quite long! And thank you! Haha as long as you love it, just wear it :D