zondag 5 februari 2012


I recieved this award from the sweet Federica ♥ I feel honoured that she thought of me!

 Here there are the rules:
- Quote who gave you this award
- Write 7 things about you
- Assign to other 15 blogger this award


Seven things about me, which will be hard to think of:
1: I get cold really fast.
2: Have been wearing lolita for almost 4 years now.
3: Has a thing for uniforms, especially school uniforms.
4: Loves teddy bears
5: Has a boyfriend for 5 years now.
6: If I had the money, I would buy atleast 4 more dolls for my collection.
7: Besides Harry Potter and Lotr, my favourite movie is Phantom of the Opera.


 I only could name 10 bloggers, which blogs I always love to read.

Velvetbat - She has the perfect blog, writing about lolita, dolls and gyaru.
Redtonic - For being such a inspirational person
Josine -Being an incredibly lolita
NyappyAnne - Such a sweet lolita with her cute dolls
Miradell - Epic and amazing person
RosaNitida -Talented girl who makes the most incredible designs
Blue -Amazing outfits
Woxje - Posts amazing gyaru outfits, and always looking smashing
Zhang Jinga - Being my ultimate photography inspiration
Zeruda - Amazing lolita with perfect outfits

And Federica, you also belong to this list, but you already got this award. 
I always enjoy reading your blog.
You are such a sweet and amazing person, and your outfits are always incredible.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. You made my day dear ♥♥♥ you're too kind and sweet, I love you and your outfits! I always hope to have the chance to meet you in future ♥

  2. congratulations! i love your taste in films :D

  3. Aw, thank you! How sweet! ♥ Unfortunately I never do these things in my blog. I hope you don't get offended ♥

  4. @Hyrule: Oh that would be so fun, to meet you some day! ♥
    @Glass princesss: Thank you, I love those movies!!
    @Zeruda: Oh it's ok, really! ♥