woensdag 22 februari 2012


Last tuesday I went to Eindhoven city with two friends of mine.I wasn't planning on buying anything, but faith brought me these amazing things, so I couldn't refuse...
And it was just great to see my friends again, I really missed them
Shoe outlet
 These shoes had a lovely discount of 70%! 
My friend bought the same pair, but the brown version.

 I wanted a 'tail' as well, and this one costed even less than €3,-.

This dress is pure love! All three of us bought it! We are now triplets~

And I also updated my other blog as well. I really need to use that one more often..

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the things you bought!
    I really like the dress, please show a picture when you wear it on your blog. ^^

  2. I love that dress, shame we don't have it in our shop yet!:3
    And the shoes are also very lovely!

  3. Thank you girls! I posted a photo of wearing the dress and the shoes :)

    @Josine: Such a pity, I'm sure it will come at your H&M soon!