donderdag 12 april 2012


First of all, I would really want to thank everyone who responded on my previous post.
You are the best and I love you 
I might write some personal posts in the future, if you guys don't mind.

But here is a more cheerfull post!

 So, I got this idea from Josine to talk about some of my lolita pieces. 
(Hope you don't mind Josine!)

~☆~☆~My first lolita piece~☆~☆~
Well, my very first lolita purchase was the Metamorphose special set.
I posted a photo of it *here* so that I won't have to post it again on my blog, haha.
Anyway, I bought it somewhere in 2008, and it was my first online order with a bigger amount of money than usual. After lurking on the internet to alot of beautiful lolita dresses and skirts I finally decided to buy a lolita skirt. And this was it. It was a Metamorphose skirt, cape and bonnet. I have no idea what the name from this set was. But soon after this purchase, and after a few times of wearing it I knew I wasn't a classic lolita type, and would fell better in a gothic lolita outfit.
So, soon after my first purchase I bought my beloved crosses dress!

I also want to talk about my crosses dress, because I think this dress is one of my most precious dresses. Its the dress I have worn the most, and I have worn it alot. Espiecally in the beginning because I didn't wanted to wear my first skirt, so I only had this dress to wear. I wore this dress atleast once a week when I first started wearing lolita to school and such. It's still one of my favourite dresses. I wouldn't sell this one easily because of the emotinal value of it, and as long as I fit into it I will wear it from time to time.

~☆~☆~My most beautiful lolita piece~☆~☆~
That would be my  St. Peters Cross Lace OP from Moi-Même-Moitié.
Another dress that I liked for a long time, but never imagined of owning it myself. I was very lucky to have bought it from a friend of mine. This dress is very special to me, and would be the only dress I wouldn't lend out to anyone because than I can't protect it :p And I'm afraid of it getting damaged or dirty haha.

~☆~☆~My most used lolita piece~☆~☆~
This sheered shirt from H&M has been used alot with my lolita outfits.
I just love sheered fabric, and that's also the reason I have more sheered blouses than other blouses haha.

~☆~☆~My most comfortable lolita piece~☆~☆~
That would be my Innocent World dress. It's very easy to combine and perfect for casual lolita outfits. And I always feel pretty comfortable while wearing it, and got many compliments from strangers that they absolutely loved my dress. I'm always happy to hear such sweet things!
And the dress is just wonderfull, I love the fact that the dress is grey and has roses on it.

~☆~☆~My lolita piece with the most emotional value~☆~☆~
The dress with the most emotinal value is the Cathedral dress from Moi-Même-Moitié.
Ever since I first started with lolita, this dress has been on my wishlist. After thinking and dreaming about this dress for atleast 3 years I saw it for sale again, and bought it. And on June 23rd 2011 it arrived on my doorstep ♥ I was shaking like a madmen when I had to open the package and when this dress came out of the parcel. I was extremely happy with it. I would never sell this dress...

~☆~☆~My most expensive lolita piece~☆~☆~
This has to be my Silent Moon dress from Moi-Même-Moitié.
I just looked it up and I had to pay €370,- in total, including my dress, shipping and shopping service. And this is exclusive the costs I had to pay later with customs, which was an additional amount of €110,-. So yes, this dress is the most expensive one, hands down. I was broke after this purchase!
But, it was worth it, because I love it to bits! My first Moitié order ever

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  1. I really like this tag ♥ I want to create a post with the same idea ahah!
    I really love all the dresses you shared ♥

  2. Hihi, I don't mind!<3
    It's lovely to read about your dresses!^^

  3. So lovely to read about this!
    You have amazing lolita clothes and two of my dream prints *_*
    I really like the crosses dress, that dress suits you so well!

  4. you are so beautiful really like the first outfit :D

  5. your first and last dresses are to die for ^^ gothic lolita very suits and i think this style is absolutelly for you <3

  6. Lovely pieces.
    Is a great post idea ^^.