dinsdag 15 mei 2012


I have several items that I would like to sell, and hope to find a good home for it.
Please don't hesitate if you would like to know something about a product, or would like to see more photo's. I would gladly help you.

Terms & Conditions:

- Within The Netherlands: Bank transfer or Paypal.
- Overseas: Paypal.
- Item goes to first person who leaves their Paypal address and is ready to pay immediately.
- Prices are in Euros.
Negotiation is possible.
- To convert currency, use XE.

- I ship from The Netherlands. Warning: This may be very expensive. Especially overseas shipping, so please keep this in mind.
- Prices are not with shipping inclusive.
- I only ship with tracking, when it comes to parcels.
- I ship items within 2 days after payment.
- I'm not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages.

- Measurements are in cm.
- Negotiation is possible, but I do try to price things as reasonably as I can.

- Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/379355.html
Now, let's take a look at the items!

All still in good condition.
Sweet Ring: €5.
Pearl Ring: €5.
Spider Ring: [Sold]

Offbrand Necklace.
Worn only once. Still in good condition.
Price: €3. 

Handmade blue bracelet.
Bracelet with blue beads, and with nice rosy details.
Or, for sale as a set, with necklace.

Handmade rosary with matching bracelet.
I made a nice rosary with 2 green beads, and a little skull. And I also made a simple bracelet that matches the necklace. The beads are from good quality.
Price: €8,-

Handmade skull earrings.
Don't you just love skulls? I think they will look nice with a gothic lolita outfit!
Price: €3,-

Price: €5,-

Handmade phone straps.
1:Blue Cross: €1,00
2: Blue Skull:€1,00
3: Pink Key:€1,00
4 + 5: €0,75

 Pink roses fabric.
2 pieces of fabric.
Measurements: 57cm x 49cm  +  55cm x 49cm.
This is small, so you can use it for several ribbons, or perhaps a nice dress for your doll.
Price: Make a offer.

Roses fabric.
3 pieces of fabric.
Measurements: 111cm x 107cm  +  50cm x 56cm + 51cm x 55cm

Price: Make a offer.

Brown roses fabric. 
1 piece of fabric.
Measurements: 205cm x 112cm.
This is a large piece of fabric. You can easily make a dress out of it.

Price: Make a offer.

Offbrand dress.
Bought this years a few years ago, and only worn it once. I want to sell it because it's just not my style. I'm the second owner.

Bust: 82cm
Waist: 70cm
Length: 83cm.

Condition: Good
Price: €10,- Shipping not included.

Innocent World Kneesocks.
Never worn. Great condition.
Price: €10,-


4 opmerkingen:

  1. I'd like the Handmade black beaded rosary. :3

    1. Sure thing. I shall send you a PM on your facebook then :)

  2. roosjes stof please *_*
    hoeveel heb je ervoor betaald?

    1. Welke bedoel je? Die derde? Ik heb geen idee hoeveel ik er voor betaald heb, maar niet zo veel. :)