donderdag 14 juni 2012


Two days ago I bought this amazing sweater from a friend of mine. I just love the sweater, the print is so cool! The sweater is from, and is sold out on the website. So, I felt lucky that I was able to buy it from her. ♥

The sweater is a mens/unisex size XS, so it fits me perfectly. It's like a woman's size S.
From the website I couldn't see if this was a thick sweater or not, because Im not a big fan of thick sweaters. But, it's a pretty thin sweater luckily, so I like it even more due to that fact. The sweater is hand dyed. And since it's all done by hand the colors may vary, but generally the color will be lavenders and violets (as stated on their website).

This also came with the sweater
I'm so manly with my sweater and HK slippers!

I just wanted to show how flat my chest is thanks to my binder, I'm so happy with that!

11 opmerkingen:

  1. I definitely have to keep that site in mind! They have such cool stuff *___* Your shirt is awesome, so is the ring ;)

  2. That shirt is awesome! And it looks really good on you!
    Sadly I can't watch your video on my computer. -__- But I will watch it in a couple of weeks when I have my normal pc back again.

    1. Thank you ♥ I was doubting how it would look on me, because I never owned anything in this color. And I also thought it would look a bit girly, but oh well, it's a great shirt!

      I hope your normal pc will come back soon!

  3. yaay this sweater is absolutelly epic!!!want one too *___*