vrijdag 1 juni 2012

Plastic Fantastic Give-away

So, here it is, my very little, humble give-away~♥
This give-away is for my followers only.
I want to take this oppurtunity to thank all of my dear followers, for sticking with me, and supporting me :)
You are all amazing!

What is in the give away?
♥ Plastic bracelet
♥ Plastic ribbon clips
♥ Phonestrap

How can you partipate the give-away?
Leave a comment in this blog, and explain why lolita is special for you.
What does lolita mean for you, how has it changed your life?
I would really like to hear your story ♥

Important information~
I will be using a random number generator online, that's on this website: http://www.random.org/
The give-away ends on June the 15th.
And the winner will be announced on the 15th, or 16th, so please keep an eye out!

14 opmerkingen:

  1. To me lolita is many things.

    It's a form of expression, to show beauty and elegance or colorful cuteness depending on my mood. It's a soothing balm, a way of reminding me how much beauty there is in this world and getting me back in a good mood full of optimism. It's a way to connect with so many other people with the same interest.

    Lolita has been one of the big factors that has helped me have such an open mind, with it's aesthetics, variety and acceptance. Through it I've discovered more aspects of myself and it has helped me embrace them happily.

  2. I love lolita, because it's how I can express my personality in an individual and cute way. The feeling I get from wearing lolita is all I could have hoped for. The quality of the dresses, the beautiful friendships I got through it, it goes so far beyond "just a pretty fashion style".

    Words alone can’t express the happiness and joy I feel from wearing Lolita. ♥ Many people may feel bright when they wear new clothes, but when I wear Lolita I feel empowered.

  3. When I wear lolita dresses I feel like a princess, in past I was like a tomboy, I wore only pants and large t-shirt, lolita helped me so much to discover my femininity and to love myself ♥

  4. When I was a little girl, I always felt I wasn't as pretty and special as others. I could daydream about romantic, macabre and adorable things all day, and lived in my own little fantasy world.
    Now I am 25 years old, but I still feel like that little girl sometimes.. Out of place, not as pretty/thin as others, not worthy of anything I dream of...
    But when I wear Lolita, I feel like myself, and I finally feel worthy of this and my own fantasy world. I feel like I'm living in a dream when I'm in Lolita, I feel girly, cute, strong, empowered... I feel everything I always wanted to feel. I feel like I am who I want to be, and who I really am.
    Lolita has changed my life, my personality, my circle of friends, and just how I look at life.
    It has made me the person who I am today, and who I truly was all along...

  5. Lolita brought me back into the world. The first years I loved lolita, but was still to scared to talk to anyone in real life. Even just saying "hi" was extremely difficult. Couple years ago I dragged my boyfriend along to the Summer Darkness fashion show and everyone looked so beautiful and awesome. One big happy family.. and after the runway everyone went to the place behind the church to make a picture for in a magazine.
    I was wearing lolita, but felt so out of place at that moment. My boyfriend thought it was very weird that I wasn't going to talk to anyone but I just couldn't, I was to scared.
    It is not just the clothing, because I was wearing lolita.. but I didn't feel like a lolita.
    By being active at the forum and attending meetings, things went very quickly and suddenly I had new friends. My boyfriend was kinda my only friend until that time.
    Lolita changed my view at the world and gave me all these wonderful friends, I can't wish for anything more.

  6. Lolita means so much to me, it made me me accept who I am.
    When I started to wear lolita it was more a escape because life wasn't that easy then...
    Now it more a part of myself and because of it I'm also more confident about myself.

    And I totally adore it because it's so girly and cute but it also can be creepy and gothic like. It makes me feel like a princess from a fairy tale. And for me lolita isn't only about the clothes, it's about friendship I met the most amazing people <3 I'm so glad to be part of the community :D

    Lolita makes me so happy!

  7. I'm so glad, I discovered lolita. The style itself amazes me with all its little details. For me, it's the perfect mixture between antique and modern fashion <3 And there are so many substyles, that everyone finds at least one, which describes him/her perfectly. This great variety never lets the fashion become boring, there are so many possibilities.
    Lolita let me become more self-confident and let me discover a new side of myself. I can live out my girly side in lolita, I made new friends and met a lot of interesting people through it :) I have the feeling, for every side of my character, there's a suitable substyle. Gothic lolita for my darker side, sweet lolita for my cute one xD Lolita goes with the mood, you could say!
    I'm happy lolita is a part of my life now♥