zaterdag 14 juli 2012

My new shoes!

Today we went out to the city. I have been looking at a pair of shoes I really liked for a long time, and I just couldn't get those out of my mind. But because I thought they were a bit expensive, I was overthinking it, and trying to keep my mind elsewhere. But, I thought about these shoes everytime..So, today I had to try them on, and fell even more in love. So, I decided to buy them!

I really like these! ♥ I don't think they look that feminine, and would go well for a male look.With these shoes you can see a bit of how my clothingstyle will become. Dark, classy and cool. (I hope)

I have also bought a pink (yes pink!!) t-shirt. I needed one because I'm going to a event called 'Roze Maandag (Translation: Pink Monday). It's a big gay event in Tilburg, and at the same time there is also a very big carnaval there as well. Dresscode: Pink. Alot of people will dress up for this on that day. I'm going with a good friend of mine, and some of her friends as well. I'm a bit nervous to meet her friends because I never know how to deal with people I don't know. But, I'm sure it will be fun, and a good experience for me. I picked this t-shirt because I don't like plain pink t-shirts, and this one was alright. I hope I will wear it more than once, but if not, it wasn't a expensive t-shirt :p

Not sure if I'm going to add more pink to my outfit though. I'm going to Tilburg straight after work, so I need to change shirts on my way there. Going to wear a simple pair of black jeans, my Martens and a black longsleeve. I can't believe I bought a pink t-shirt! And it wasn't easy to find a nice one either that wasn't too girly. This one is from CoolCat, men's department.

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  1. Oh my, I have the exact same shoes from Forever21 from two years back! They walk like heaven!<3 I'm sure they'll look great on you!

  2. I love the shoes! They look really classy indeed.

    And have a lot of fun at the Roze Maandag! Sadly Tilburg is a bit too far away for me, so I couldn't come along. :(

    And that pink shirt is awesome! :D

    If they were expensive and you like, no problem cause it will worth the price!! You have taste ;D

    1. Yeah I really liked them for a long time, so I'm glad I have bought them, before they were gone :D

  4. I love those shoes!
    When I went shopping on saturday I nearly bought a pair of shoes which were very simular to this one.
    And have fun at Roze Maandag! :)