zondag 8 juli 2012

Starry Night Theater goodies!

So, recently my parcel arrived with my Angelic Pretty goodies ♥ 


 Here are some detail photo's~♥ 

I also tried the dress on very quick!
Since I don't have the matching socks, I will wear this dress with these tights.
And I will wear my Moitié shoes with it as well, the ribbon platform shoes.
My outfit is not finished yet though. I'm searching for some wonderfull black wristcuffs, and thinking of what wig would look best with this outfit. I think a wig with ponytails would look best for a OTT look. ♥

My make-upless head xD
  And a video of everything as well~♥

When I was reading all the blogs I'm following it came to my surprise that I was mentioned!
The lovely Ana mentioned me in her inspiration list *here*
How sweet of her, I feel very flattered ♥

And I'm also mentioned here, in the blog of Chrissii, my dear food partner in crime *here*
I feel so loved! ♥

Please check out their blogs, they are amazing! ♥ 

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Everything is amazing ♥♥♥ the outfit would be perfect with a pony tail wig *_*

  2. The set is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see you wearing it! You are going to rock!
    The tights are perfect with the op! <3
    You are a loved person, for sure :3

  3. Omg so exciting!
    I love getting things in the post :D
    It's gonna look amazing on you!
    Can't wait to see your coordinate!

  4. oooh im so ridiculously jealous! it suits you so amazingly too!

  5. I think this set will suit you amazing!<3 I love seeing all the pretty details!

  6. So amazing! I love all the details, it really is one of the most amazing prints of Angelic Pretty! :D
    I'm sure it will suit you so well!

    You are so lucky to have all these things, I'm really curious when the coord is complete. It would be so awesome if it's going to be a moitie x angelic pretty coord, those brands are my favourites! :D

  7. wOw this dress and all is so gorgeous!!! you are so lucky!!!