woensdag 1 augustus 2012

Ball Du Masque

I have been so busy lately!
Let me talk about last weekend. Last friday there was Ball Du Masque.

I have been wanting to go there for a few years, but never had the chance to go.
And then I got a message from a friend who got a ticket for me, so I was able to go. I was so happy! Because I was going to wear lolita on saturday and sunday, I decided to wear something else on this friday.

Outfit Rundown:
Blouse: Moi-Même-Moitié
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Sacha
Necklaces: H&M/ Midi:Nette
Rings: Claire's/H&M/Gift

My 'Like' sign
The following pictures are not made by me.

My friend made 3 moustache masks (1 for me). Here we were travelling to Utrecht, where the event was. Enjoying my strawberry bubble tea like a sir ♥
My moustache!
This photo was made at the event. The mask isn't mine but I wore it that evening because I thought it was such a hassle to hold my moustache the entire evening :p

We didn't stayed for so long because the heat in there was extremely warm!
We also got soaked by the rain, but after a while we didn't care anymore.
But while we were sitting in the train it was getting so cold to sit there with wet clothing.

I'm all wet! *sadface*
Danchelle and me~

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