vrijdag 14 september 2012


Last weekend we went to the park, and had our breakfast there. The park is only 5-7 minutes away from our house with the bicycle, so it's perfect. The weather was very warm and already sunny in the morning. The day before I baked some cookies, specially made for our little picknick. And I also bought mix for brownies, to bake later hihi.

Thing I needed: Cookie mix, sweets to decorate and a little helper

Sundaymorning, time to go to the park! We were all by ourselves because it was still early. Nice and quiet ♥ 
And it was already warm outside, sitting in the sun!

Looks like someone sneeked along for the cookies!
After eating our sandwhiches it was time for some cookies and something to read

Question, what do you think of the photo's format? I thought it would be nice to display them bigger, so you can properly see what's on it. My blog is still not finished, but I seem to either lack time or motivation to continue with changing the layout and such!

Did you all had a wonderfull weekend last week? 
And are you looking forward to upcoming weekend? 
What are your plans?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It looks delicious!<3 My plans for upcoming weekend contain only studying hard, I'm afraid :(

  2. Picnic!
    I wish I had patience to cook nice things like cookies! But noooo...I bought heart shaped form for cupcakes, I want to use it so bad! XD maybe when we make a picnic too!
    Seems you had a nice day <3