dinsdag 4 september 2012

Lockshop's Mermaid Beachy

A few days ago I have order a wig I wanted for a while now
It was sold out when I had the money to buy it, but luckily it got restocked. So, I knew I hád to buy it right away. 
It's the Mermaid Beachy wig from Lockshop

I'm always pleased with the service and the quality of Lockshops products. Shipping is pretty fast and everything is packed well. With this order I tried the new shipping method, so that it would ship with a small box that fits through the mailbox. (and therefore shipping costs were also less!) It also came with a wigcap and invoice.

I also made a video of the wig.

And last weekend I tried the wig on, with a simple outfit. At first I thought this wig might be too light for me, but I do like how it looks on me. Though it felt a bit strange after all the dark wigs I normally wear!

What do you think of this wig?
I now have 10 wigs in my collection (clip-inns exclusive).
I keep them all organised on a shelf in my closet, with the name of the wig written on it's package. I do that because it makes it alot easier and faster to find the wig I'm looking for.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. The colour looks great on you! :D The wig suits you really well!

  2. It suits you so well dear! I love Lockshop wigs, I hope to buy one soon *w*

  3. It suits you really well! I want a Lockshop wig, too! ^__^

  4. This looks amazing on you. How can you always look so pretty <3

  5. IT'S GREAT ON YOU!!! I agree with Redtonic, how can you?? <3

  6. Ik weet nu in elk geval zeker dat ik die lichtere neem XD haha op de stockfoto lijkt de gradient veel duideljker aanwezig te zijn, maar dat valt dus wel mee...

  7. Die pruik staat je heel goed! Echt een mooie kleur. ^_^