zondag 21 oktober 2012

New purchases

I had been looking for a good fitting black blouse for ages, and now I was lucky enough to find one!
Though it's not a male blouse as I was looking for originally, I found this one on the woman's department of H&M. It doesn't look that much like a woman's blouse when worn, so I bought it. Will wear this one very soon ♥ I also had to take a size bigger than I thought, because this is a EU38, instead of a EU36 size. So it seems I have gained some more weight, especially around the waist, lol. 

And I found this amazing looking bow tie! I already have one (a black/blue one) and I couldn't resist in getting this one as well. I hope I can get more cool looking bows in the future because I want to wear these on a more regular basis for my casual clothing.♥And with buying the bow I also supported a good cause, so that's always a good thing.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. love your new purchases! I'm so curious to see you with your new blouse *_*

  2. omg, is dat echt een gewoon een strikje of een bowtie? :o Ik vind hem namelijk echt leuk, haha! Je blouse is ook leuk :D.

    1. Het strikje zit vast met een elastiek, en heeft een sluiting die je dan dicht moet maken. De maat is te verstellen, en ik heb die van de kinderafdeling (jongens).

      En dank je wel!