zondag 28 oktober 2012


I love art, like many other people around the world.
A long time ago I came across a artist that was also into the BJD hobby, and fell in love with her art.
She has this unique, creepy style with a spooky atmosphere which I'm really drawn to. It's completely my taste and I still haven't seen anything she made that I didn't like.

I'm talking about xXx-Raven-xXx on Deviantart. Fun fact; a couple of years ago I bought a doll from her, who I now call Damiën. When he was still owned by her I already loved the mold of this doll alot, especially because he had an awesome face-up. (This is what he looked like back then, *click* this photo was always on my mind) I wanted to have this doll for myself, but it wasn't for sale anymore on the website, so, I was incredibly happy when she was selling him. I bought him while I was in the hospital, having a collapsed lung again. So when I came home to recover he was waiting for me

Anyways, I'm a very big fan of her work and always comment on new art whenever I have the time. So, one day she messaged me that I could get a free print of choice. I knew right away what I would love to have as a print. How lucky was I! And a while ago I bought a little cute notebook from her, which I just love. I hope to get more from her work in my home, once I move to a bigger living space. And I still need to buy a gorgeos frame for the print!

The print can be bought here:  *click*

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh wow, that is indeed a beautiful piece of art! *__*
    The notebook is lovely as well.
    I've never seen her work actually. *starts checking out her DA page*

  2. ik ben niet echt fan van dat soort poppen, ik vind ze namelijk eng :'). Toen ik klein was had ik een film gezien waardoor ik een nacht niet kon slapen XD. Ik was toen zelfs bang voor Hello Kitty's XDD. Haar werk ziet er erg mooi uit ^^!

    1. Haha ja niet iedereen vind ze even leuk, maar dat geeft niks. Blij te horen dat je haar werk verder mooi vind ^^