zaterdag 3 november 2012


Last weekend I had a photoshoot with a good friend of mine. His DA can be found here: *click*
So, I went there along with my partner. We had such a blast that day and were lucky with the weather.
It was really cold, but luckily the sun shined and it was dry.

We were planning to make some photo's of me as a guy in regular clothing, and some while wearing lolita. Between these shoots we also had a break to warm up. I had a nice warm cup of hot chocolate with cream, and some currywurst and fries (since we were in Germany). After that I changed clothes and it was back to business! We were busy for 8 hours that day, and then went back to the Netherlands and ate some more fries xD Gosh, we were all so very, very tired after that day!

Here are some photo's I made during our break, since I also brought my camera along:

And these photo's I made are also posted on my DeviantArt:

Of course I made many more photo's, but I will post them later in a other post.
I will also show you some of the results of the photoshoot later as well!
I have seen them and I'm pleased with the result, so I can't wait to post them, and hopefully you all like them as much as I do

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooie foto's! Ik wil die slagroom nu hahaha,
    was het warme chocomel?
    Bedankt voor je berichtje over de fish eye, ik denk dan toch dat ik hem ga kopen :P


  2. I wanna drink this hot drink with cream!!! Great pics as always :D