dinsdag 11 december 2012

BJD Tights

So my BJD (Ball Jointed Doll) tights from Lockshop have arrived ♥
It ordered these tights on the last day of the pre-order. With the pre-order they costed €15,-.

Ordered 24-11-2012
Shipped 10-12-2012
Arrived 11-12-2012

So it arrived approx. 2 weeks after I ordered them. And they arrived the day after I got an e-mail that they were shipped, so that's fast ^^ The package is wonderfully designed, I really like it. It looks classy and elegant, so professional! The tights feel soft and smooth. I can't wait to try them on! When I make a nice outfit with these tights I will make another post, or perhaps a video with them.

What do you think of these tights? ♥

7 opmerkingen:

  1. They are gorgeous *_* I hope to get them too asap!

  2. awesome! :o ben benieuwd hoe ze eruit zien wanneer je hem aan hebt! ^^

  3. They look awesome! I am looking forward to see pictures of you wearing them! :D

  4. Awww, I'm so jealous, haha :D I'm longing for these tights so long *___*
    I'm so curious, how will they look like on you? :)

  5. Jaaaa Ik heb ze ook vandaag binnen gehad! :D

  6. I want them too but don't think they'll fit me. Thoes standard one size fits all never fits me :(