zaterdag 1 december 2012

Crazy Factory Order

A while ago I had ordered new circular barbells for my septum piercing. I really was in need for a new piercing, because I lost the ball of my silver piercing! *feels clumsy* it actually fell into the sink, so it's gone forever!
I placed the order on the 8th of October, and they had send the small package on the 12th. 17 October I recieved it. Everything came in a cute small bubble wrap envelope. Just like the previous order I'm still satisfied with this shop.

This time I order the same model as my silver one, but in black now. This one is also slightly bigger, so it's a bit harder to twist it inside (and sometimes a bit painfull). And I also order one with creme balls. Both of these circular barbells have a diameter of 10mm. The gauge is 1.2mm. And I thought I was being smart by ordering extra parts for my old piercings, but I made a mistake with the sizing, so they are not the same size. They do fit into it, it's just the sizing of the balls that are wrong xD Oh well!

I quickly changed to the new black circular barbell, and I like it ♥ Even though it's more noticable. But I can always change it to the other one.

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