maandag 17 december 2012


It's now official! ♥ My love and I are now living together in our new apartment!
Today we got the keys, so now we can start cleaning and moving everything to our new place, I'm so happy! 
And even before our anniversary, what a wonderfull gift and timing.

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  1. I think I might also be FTM. So, I want to ask you; is it the body or the whole male thing that comes with it that you want? I hate my body, but not in the way that most other girls do. I want to have a male body, but I don't think I'm particularly male or female (as in the stereotypes)
    Sorry if this sounds confusing.
    I had no idea where to ask you this, so I just put it here in the comments, sorry xD

    1. Well, it depends with every person. You say that you're not feeling particulary male/female. Do you feel both genders, or neither, or..?
      As for me I feel male and want to have a male body.

      Questions can be asked via formspring, I have an app of it on this blog, on the right side at the bottom. Or you can send me questions via here:

    2. Sorry for the late reply.
      I don't really believe in ''gender'' - it's based on stereotyping anyway. But, I wouldn't class myself as particularly stereotypically male or female. Although, I do feel as if I have the wrong body, and I can't stand it e 3e
      Sorry I didn't use the ask box, my question was too long haha

  2. You got a challenge :3 -->

  3. Congrats en veel succes met het verhuizen! :D

  4. congrats dear *_* I'm so happy for you ♥♥♥