woensdag 2 januari 2013


First of all I want to say 'thank you' to all of my followers for reading my blog, and welcome some new followers  
I've now reached 101 followers :D When starting this blog I thought nobody would read it!

Some photo's from previous days ago.
My dear made 'oliebollen', which is traditional Dutch food, mainly eaten on New Year's Eve, or at funfairs. In English they are more commonly known as 'Dutch Doughnuts' or 'Dutchies'. Mainly it's just a big ball of dough, dropped in a deep fryer filled with hot oil. And they were very tasty, especially because it was the first time we made it ourselves. I always crave for these at such impossible times of the year, so whenever I see them being sold at funfaires I need to eat atleast one! ♥ Yummy!

And there are all the cards we have recieved, mostly chrsitmas cards, and also a few congratulation cards because of the moving. 34 christmas cards (after taking this photo, more arrived), and 4 moving cards in total. I feel so loved! Thank you everybody for exchanging christmas cards ♥ You are all sweethearts!

It's already feeling like home, now that we have hang a painting on the wall. I bought it atleast one year ago, but now it's the first time seeing it hang on the wall ♥ I truly love it! And in the evening we light up some candles. I like candles, they make the room look very cozy.

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  1. Your description of oliebollen sounds very familiar. I've eaten something called"pofftjes" i believe (not sure about spelling) at a funfair when i lived in germany. Is that the same thing?