vrijdag 25 januari 2013


Today I want to share a song with you. This song is very emotional and so beautiful in my opinion. The song is called "Got Monsters", from Keith Caputo. Some of you may know about Keith Caputo (singer of Life of Agony). I knew about Keith from the song "What have you done", with Within Temptation (nice song btw!). In July 2011, Caputo announced plans to transition from male to female. Keith is now going through life as Mina Caputo, and uses female pronounces. The video is about struggling with (gender) identity, which was also sort of a coming-out for Mina.

The very first time when I saw this video and listened to the song I got very emotional and teary eyed (and I still do), because I can relate to it alot. And I'm sure alot of people can realte to this song, because alot of people have their own 'monsters'.

The official video is about 11 minutes long (but really worth the watch), and I also added a video from Mina performing the song live because I always love to hear a artist sing live.
Hope you like the song as much as I do ♥

"I've got monsters
How 'bout you?
I was born a monster
Do you hide your monsters too?

Now Everybody else in here
what has become of you?
I've got monsters
how about you?

We got monsters
we suffer like the rest
man, I don't know, and I don't care
what a lovely home we share
what a tangled web we have weaved...

Now Everybody else in here
what has become of you?
I've got monsters
How about you?

Now everybody else in here
what has become of you?
I Tiptoed up to my daughters room
and I saw her monsters, too...
I've got monsters
How about you?

Yes I've got monsters too....
Yes I've got monsters.....

To what (emotional) song can you relate to the most?

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