maandag 28 januari 2013


Last wednesday I ordered a pair of pinchers from the site 'All Over Piercings', because I want to start stretching my earlobes a bit. I'm quite pleased with them because everything went well and fast. If you order before 17:00hrs they ship the same day. But, I ordered around 22:00hrs so of course they would send it out the next day. And they did! On friday it arrived and that same day I had put them in. Since I'm starting to stretch, this is a very small size. My regular earpiercing was a 1.2mm, so the smallest pincher I needed was a 1.6mm. With the pinchers I also ordered  Jojoba oil, to make the stretching easier, good stuff! My earlobe doesn't look impressive but yeah, this is just the start (。◕‿◕。)♥

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