vrijdag 4 januari 2013


An outfit post once again!
Another simple one I'm afraid, because I don't want to dress up more fancy or in frills when I'm working in the house. I'll try to wear something nice tomorrow. ❤ With the video I still have to find out how to make it more interesting. In this one I filmed one of my dolls at the end :)

Outfit Rundown
Shirt - H&M (DIY)
Vest - H&M
Trousers - C&A
Shoes - Adidas
Necklace - H&M

And completely not interesting, my lunch :p
I really want to eat healthier, so tonight I'm going to cook vegetarian.
And I hope I'm able to cut down fastfood, by not going to McDonalds or anything. Luckily the past year I only went a few times there. In 2011 we ate alot of McDonalds, so I'm getting there, it's not so hard to resist anymore :D

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