dinsdag 19 februari 2013


A bit late, but I made this on valentines day for my love. It's easy to make, and very appreciated by the partner because it's such a personal thing to give. Normally we don't celebrate valentines day because we think it's nonsense to do something special on that particulair day and not the rest of the year. We always do something special every now and then ♥

But you can always make something like this for someone you love, don't wait for valentines day.
Everyday is valentines day and special with your loved one ( ´・‿-)~♡

DIY - '50 Reasons why I love you'

Things you need:
Glass jar
Optional: Decoration for the jar

Step 1:
Think of your 50 reasons why you love that person. Then you have to decide if you want to write everything down by hand or print everything. I chose to print my text because it's easier to read and that way my hand won't be overloaded by all the writing. Then I cut it down in small strokes. If you write by hand you can also make strokes beforehand and write on it afterwards.

☆ And make sure not to make any typo's like I did! ☆

Step 2:
Get a glass jar, or anything else where you want to put in the strokes.

Step 3:
Fold all your little strokes so that they will fit in the jar.

Step 4:
You can decorate the jar if you want, maybe with some ribbons, little hearts or whatever you want. I chose for a simple blue paper heart, and wrote '50 reasons why I love you' in Dutch, and taped it on the glass jar. I didn't had any time to decorate it any further, but I thought this was also fine.

It's easy, very personal and if you're low on cash it's also cheap to make.
Let's get busy and make something! ( ⌒▽⌒)

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