zaterdag 9 februari 2013


☆ Lolita wishlist ☆

Everyone has a list of things they wish to have. It's very common for every lolita to have a wishlist of dresses, skirts, blouses, bags, shoes or accesories they want. So, here are 10 dresses from my current wishlist.

IW - Rottenburg JSK

IW - Grazia JSK

AP - Classical Champagne OP

MMM - Pleats OP

Aatp -  Gathered chiffon JSK


  Aatp - Queens Coach OP


  JetJ La vie D'aristocrate Robe JSK

JetJ - La robe de la danse OP

JetJ - Feerie JSK

JetJ - Amour d'amants robe JSK

 It's actually funny,  I was looking into my pc's folder of lolita clothing, where I also have my past wishlist from when I just started wearing lolita and my taste has changed quite a bit over the years. My first wishlist existed merely only of Moi-Même-Moitié, with a few items from other brands. I only wanted Moitié back then. Now, I still love that brand, but over the years I also started to love more classical dresses (my first lolita item was classic!) and lately I really fell head over heels in love with classic. That's mostly because of the upmarch of the wonderfull brand Juliette et Justine with their gorgeos prints.

From this list three dresses are in my list from the beginning: The MMM dress and the two dresses from Aatp. The dresses I want the most at the moment are the IW Rottenburg JSK and the JetJ
La robe de la danse OP

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  1. It's an amazing wislist! Half of the items are also on my wishlist, I began to like gothic and dark classic more and more. ^_^
    Hopefully you will be able to buy one of the dresses you want the most!

    (I'm nyappyanne btw, I changed my name recently)

  2. The Rottenburg jsk is on my wishlist too :) I love the pattern. The La vie D'aristocrate Robe jsk is awesome too, but I'd like more it in a different fabric :)

  3. Ahhh the chiffon JSK is also one of my favourites. I personally don't think JetJ would look good on me but the Féerie dress is sooooo gorgeous!! I think Robe de la danse would look amazing on you!

  4. You have a beautiful wishlist <3

    It's really funny to see how our taste changes XD

  5. I love your wishlist ♥ there are a lot of amazing pieces and I hope you will be able to get all of them!

  6. The Moitié OP is wonderful *w*
    I hope you can get them ^^

  7. I love your wishlist, some are on my list as well and some I've finally obtained!<3 Hope you can do that too!