maandag 4 maart 2013


I have a nice update to share: I recently got a letter from the Vumc (VU University Medical Cente), that they wanted to make an appointment with me. Normally they call you to make an appointment, but I wasn't able to pick up the phone, hence the letter.

I'm so happy and excited because of this, and not expecting it at all, because I didn't knew the waitinglist was shortened to 10-12 months. My intake appointment was last year in May, meaning I've waited 10 months since then.

The letter came in on my old adress (which luckily my parents-in-law live). My love was there for a visit yesterday and when coming back home my dear said: I've got a letter for you, and I'm sure you would be very happy to see this one!" So, I was extremely curious, when I saw it was from the VU I felt my heart skipping for a moment. My partner already had openend the letter (which I don't mind) to see what it was, and when I saw what was in the letter I felt shaky. That was a moment I could cry tears of happiness. 

So, today I called them back to make the appointment and I have to go there this wednesday already. This means that the diagnostics will finally start for me! I'm happy, it's like I'm going to start a complete new chapter in my life. 
 Finally it is going to happen!  ( ⌒▽⌒)

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  1. I already said it but YAAAAY ♡ ♡ spannenddddd!
    Je video is aan het begin zo schattig haha die school kindjes. Maar yeah I hope everything will go well, and you do seem different for the better, it's so awesome and inspiring how you talk about things so openly now! I wish you alllll the best! ♡

    1. Jaaaaaaaaa heel spannend! Het ging goed vandaag :D
      En dank je wel ♥♥