dinsdag 22 juni 2010

Lolita inspirations

This month, the theme on the EGL Community is "Who are your idols?"
So I have to tell who it is that influences my style and why.

First in my list is Christina Ricci.We all know her as Wednesday Adams.
I think she is a beautiful woman, and she has always intrigued me.
I think she has a unique look. She is not the standard beauty, and that is what I like about her.
Different fromt he others. It makes me feel like I can relate with her.
She inspired me ever since I was just a little girl. And she does even now.

"I'm not perfect-looking and I don't say the right things, I'm a little different, nothing really special, but I guess I come across as a little more real to people and that comes through on the screen. I know I look young, but with the right make-up I can look older. I definitely feel older."

Second in list, a bit cliche, but also Mana is an inspiration.
When I found out about him, I couldn't believe that this beautiful creature was a man.
A man who can pull it off to wear a dress and get away with it.
He made me fall in love with gothic lolita.

Besides well-known people as inspiration, I also found inspiration in my fellow lolita's.
Some from my own community, and on LiveJournal.
I will not post any photo of them, out of privacy.

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